Manual references in RefWorks

If you find that you are unable to enter text into a manual reference in RefWorks, this may be the problem you are encountering:

From RefWorks technical support: This is likely caused by a change in MS Internet Explorer in version 9 on Windows 7 machines. IE9 no longer recognizes the coding we use to enable users to edit rich text fields that provide the ability to format them, e.g. bold, underline, italics.

To address this, we have been forced to ask users to employ what is known as “compatibility mode” in IE9. The easiest way to do this is to access the Tools menu in IE9, and then select the Compatibility View option so that a checkmark appears next to the entry on its left.

refworks screenshot

If you are having any problems with RefWorks or any of our e-resources, please let the library know


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