How to create a link to an article

Did you know?…

You’ve found the perfect article and you want to email a link so that you don’t lose it, this is how to do it.

If the journal has a link to a permanent link, or a durable URL, click on that icon…

2_Serials Solutions 360LINK…then copy and paste the URL that is then displayed.

2_Serials Solutions 360LINK 2If the whole journal article opens in a new window, copy and paste the URL from the address bar. This URL must contain the words or the link won’t work…

T&F…if there is no obvious link to the journal, email the details to and ask for the permanent link and we will send it to you.


Limiting by author using Summon

Did you know?…

If you’re looking for a book in Summon you can narrow your search by author? Carry out your search, and scroll down to author…

2_'Infection control' - author…if you can see the author you would like to use, click in the box next to their name. If you don’t, click on more…

2_'Infection control' - author 2…this will open up a list of all the authors found in your result. To put them in alphabetical order, click on A-Z. Click in the box in the ‘include’ column to limit your search to results by just those authors.

Looking for phrases in Summon

Did you know?…

Looking for your keywords as a phrase can make your search more relevant. If you’re searching for infection control and use those as your search terms, you will find over 420,000 results! Summon is looking for those words together and separately.

2_Infection control - IC 1However, if you search for “infection control” as a phrase, with quotation marks then you will find….

2_'Infection control' - IC 2…just over 37,500 results as Summon is now looking for the words together as a phrase.

You’ll need to refine that search further, other hints and tips on how to this are here <links>

Finding peer reviewed material in Summon

Did you know?..

If you need to find peer reviewed material, Summon can do this for you. Carry out your search and click on  and ‘limit to articles from peer reviewed publications. You could also choose ‘limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-reviewed’ but be aware that this will be less reliable as it will also include non peer-reviewed material.

2_Infection control - SummonIf you need more information on what makes an article peer reviewed or a journal scholarly, you can use the Glossary of Terms in your Subject Guide on My UCS…

2_Events Management, Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism2_Online glossary of terms2…or on the What is a Journal? page which is also available on your Subject Guide under ‘finding journal articles’.

JISC Media Hub – problems with access

Due to authentication problems, we currently can’t log in to the JISC Media Hub in the usual way.

Whilst we are resolving this, here is how you can use the service.

JISC Media Hub

From on campus at UCS Ipswich: choose Log in > search and download via direct access

Off campus choose ‘for non-subscribers’ start > search and browse only – log in later. You won’t be able to log in whilst iff campus but you can still search the database.


Dawson ebooks on android devices


We’ve had confirmation from Dawson Era that their ebooks won’t load on Android devices. They said:

Dawsonera isn’t currently compatible with Android devices but I know it is something we are currently working on. I have spoken to our ebook team and they advised we hope to have it by the summer.

We’ll let you know as soon as they are available on Android devices, watch this space!