E-Resources at UCS: delivering the best databases to you.

The UCS Libraries teams are dedicated to providing you with access to high quality information and high powered search platforms. Over recent months we have reviewed the databases we provide to ensure best coverage and functionality.

Having now completed the review we can announce some exciting changes in our databases which will become effective during August and September this year.  These new databases will give us enhanced access to full text, integrate seamlessly with our link resolving tool – which identifies full text content available through other sources, our Summon cross-search tool and the RefWorks reference management tool. Additionally, the platforms listed below have fantastic indexing and search functionality.

New resources

Information on all the new resources can be found here.

Resources which we will stop having access to

During August and September, UCS libraries will lose access to the following resources:

  • Academic OneFile
  • Academic Search Elite (Ebsco)
  • Business Source Elite (Ebsco)
  • Criminal Justice Abstracts (Ebsco)

The decision to cancel these resources is based on full text availability – when compared to the new resources, as well as the search capability, integration with other resources and also usage of these resources, which has been very low for some of those listed.

Impact: saving searches and .pdfs in EBSCO databases

The impact for staff and students at UCS will be minimal. If you have searches or references saved in any of the databases listed above, as ones to be cancelled you will need to export references to RefWorks or another reference management tool, download any .pdfs, which can be saved to reference records in RefWorks, and recreate any searches you have saved.

Instructions for printing articles

Instructions for saving to RefWorks

Instructions for saving to your computer_hard drive_USB_stick


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