Summon 2.0 and RefWorks

Once you’ve carried out your search in Summon add the items you’d like to export into the temporary folder by clicking the icon to right of the article or book title:

Adding to folder

Click the folder at the top of the page to see your results:

Folder results

Select ‘RefWorks’ from the ‘Export As…’ list and login to RefWorks.

Export as

Check the items imported correctly by clicking: ‘View Last Imported Folder

RefWorks folder

TIP! When exporting any book citations from Summon, you will need to edit the citation in RefWorks in order to remove the URL (web address).

TIP! It is usually easier to export book references from Summon than via the Library catalogue as there is less editing and tidying up to do.

More help and advice about RefWorks is available here:


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