Print from anywhere with any device!

Everyone Print allows you to print jobs from anywhere and from any device with an Internet connection. Or if you are on campus you can connect to the eduroam or UCS-Guest WiFi networks with your own device and upload documents for printing.  


Print jobs can be submitted in two ways:

  1. Uploading files using a web browser to
  2. By emailing  from your UCS email account, attaching any files you wish to print.


  • You will need to log in to to release the job(s).
  • If you submit a print job it will get queued for 72 hours, if it is not released from a printer in that period it will be deleted.
  • You can only print the following document types: .PDF, Microsoft Office files and .JPG files.
  • You can only print from your UCS email address.

Submitting and Releasing jobs using a web browser

Submit a print job

You can use any web browser to access and login to Everyone Print. 

From the browser log in with your UCS account and under the ‘Upload A Document to Print menu,’ click ‘Choose File,’ select the document(s) you wish to print click ‘Open’ and then ‘Next’.

Select how you want to print

For jobs you need to release this can be done by clicking on the ‘Print in Black & White’ or ‘Print in Colour’ buttons.

PrintingAdvancedAdvanced options available, select the ‘Advanced’ check box to expand the list. Select ‘Print’ (in black & white or colour) to send the job(s) to the MFD.

The job can be released from any Konica printer.

To submit using email

The following instructions illustrate how to submit a job from your UCS email account. The email address to use is

The following example was created using Microsoft Webmail  using Internet Explorer version 10.  In Webmail select ‘New’ and ‘Message.’  In the ‘To’ field enter: and click on the Paperclip icon to add the attachment(s) you wish to print. Click ‘Browse’ to locate the file(s) and then click ‘Attach.’

WebmailAttachmentWhen you have attached all the files you wish to print click ‘Close’.  Select ‘Send’ and the email will add the attachments to you will need to log in to the website to release the print jobs.

For more help

You can contact the IT team in person in the Infozone, by email or by phone: 01473 338222. 


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