Summon failing to link to articles?

We’ve had a few reports today of people having problems linking to articles via Summon. It seems to be occurring intermittently at the moment and our suppliers are aware of it but you may find that when you click an article link you receive the following error message:

HTTP 404

In most cases refreshing the page or re-running the search and then trying to access the link again solves the problem. However if that still fails you may need to access the journal directly using our A-Z of journals page.

Here’s how:

Make a note of the journal title and article from the Summon results page:

Summon resultThen click the UCS libraries logo at the top left of the page and then the A-Z of Journals link from the library homepage:

Finding the A-ZEnter the title of the journal and click search:

A-Z of journalsClick the link to the journal:

Journal linkYou can then re-run your search. The journal above is available via Science Direct which has a search box at the top of the page but other databases may look slightly different:

Science DirectYou should then be able to access the article:

Article link

Please email if you have any questions or further problems


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