JISC Media Hub – problems with access

Due to authentication problems, we currently can’t log in to the JISC Media Hub in the usual way.

Whilst we are resolving this, here is how you can use the service.

JISC Media Hub

From on campus at UCS Ipswich: choose Log in > search and download via direct access

Off campus choose ‘for non-subscribers’ start > search and browse only – log in later. You won’t be able to log in whilst iff campus but you can still search the database.



UK Data Service / Economic and Social Data Service access

Uk Data Service

Due to authentication problems, we are currently having problems logging in to UK Data Service and the Economic and Social Data Service. Whilst we are resolving this, ESDS have sent the following instructions for access:

  • Apply for an individual username and password here http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/sign-up/credentials-application
  • UCS isn’t listed, so on the ‘Organisation or Academic Institution’ drop down box, choose ‘Institution not listed’
  • You will have to use your UCS email address – it won’t accept anything that doesn’t end in ‘.ac.uk’.

Security Certificate warning and RefWorks

refworksLogoWe are experiencing certificate error messages when importing some references in to RefWorks. Our security certificate is up to date and there is no threat in continuing past these screens, it’s simply a bug we’re trying to work out.

If you are seeing an error message that isn’t mentioned below, please email us at library@ucs.ac.uk with details of the message you see.

Here’s what to do if you see any of these screens