New essential e-journals for Midwifery

mid_logo_wpWe have subscribed to two valuable midwifery journals: Essentially MIDIRS and MIDIRS Midwifery Digest, both provided through the Ovid website. You can find links to the e-journal here:,-Midwifery–ODP/Journals.aspx 

Essential MIDIRS includes:

  • a wide range of articles from original research to reflective practice
  • updates and interpretation keeps you updated by summarising recently published research compiled from hundreds of journals and other resources
  • the latest systematic reviews from the Cochrane Collaboration
  • new guidance and guidelines from RCM, NICE, RCOG and others.

MIDIRS includes:

  • a variety of in depth original articles related to research and practice
  • reprints of important and influential articles sourced from over 400 journals
  • critical analysis of recently published research studies
  • reports and reflections on the important maternity events.