Summon goes all responsive!

responsive+designWe’re excited to announce Summon has now been optimised for mobile devices.

We hope this will create a seamless experience whether you’re using a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

How does it look?

Functionality remains exactly the same although the appearance will look slightly different depending on the device you’re using.


Click the menu icon on the right-hand-side of the screen for additional links:

IPad MenuTo find out more information about an item click the ‘arrow icon’

ResultAdditional information will appear on the right-hand side of the screen:

Result2On a mobile phone:

You will find additional options under the filter and menu buttons:

Windows phoneFind out more at:

If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions please let us know:


Book Reviews in Summon search results

In an attempt to improve the quality of results retrieved by Summon we have decided to exclude ‘Book Reviews’ from the initial results screen. You will notice on the left-hand side of the screen that ‘Book Review’ is now crossed out. To re-include them you just need to re-click the ‘Book Review’ link:

Book reviews

To remove all filters you can also click ‘Clear Filters’ at the top left of the screen:

Clear filtersThere may be times when you want to search for book reviews and all you need to do is click ‘Book Review‘ under the content type and once it’s highlighted in orange the results will now be limited to only book reviews matching the keywords you’ve entered in the main search box:

Book reviews only

If you have any comments or notice any problems please let us know by email: or phone: 01473 338700.

Finding DVDs and online videos in Summon

eStreamDVDs have always been searchable via Summon but now you can also search for eStream recordings.

For those who may not know Planet eStream is an online recording and viewing platform for off-air recordings that allows you to watch and listen to specially selected film, television and radio programmes online for free. All you need is your UCS username and password.

How to search for video content

Enter your search terms in the Summon search box:Summon search box

On the search results page click ‘More’ under the Content Type heading and then choose ‘Video Recording‘. This will then update the search results to include both DVD and eStream recordings.

searching for estream

If you find a video you would like to watch click ‘Check Availability

eStream results

If it’s a DVD you can make a note of the shelfmark to find it in the Library or click reserve and collect it later:

DVD result

If it’s an eStream recording click the ‘View me‘ button or click the link within the citation at the bottom of the page.

Heritage estream result

Enter your UCS student or staff number and password – this is the same as you would use to log into My UCS or access your emails.

eStream login

The eStream player works in much the same as any media player click the green bar to skip ahead to a specific section or use the arrows at the bottom of the player.

estream video

Most eStream recordings have been recorded directly from Freeview so you may need to skip ahead to get to the beginning of the programme.

If you have any questions or comments please email the Library helpdesk.

Where did my search terms go?

Sometimes you may find that on the first search you do in Summon you have to re-enter your search terms.

This appears to be an issue with Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 but not 10 and 11. So if you’re using an older version we would recommend updating to the latest version, using an alternative browser e.g. Chrome or following the instructions below.

For example you enter: “computer game design” and hit ‘Find’

Summon search

Only to be directed to another blank search box:

Blank search

Instead of re-entering your search press the ‘Back button’ and hopefully you will find your search terms are still there. Hit ‘Find’ once again and this time you should go directly to the results screen:

Summon results

Still not working?

If you’re still not being directed to the results screen you will need to update the cookie settings on your browser. Click here to download instructions.

If you’re using Safari on an iPad

Go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies and choose “Never”. You will need to close Safari and open it again for the settings to take effect.

Try another Browser

This appears to be an issue predominantly on Internet Explorer so we would recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox if you’re still having experiencing issues searching with Summon.


If you have further questions please email the Library or call the helpdesk on 01473 338700

Accessing Full-Text resources in Summon and beyond!

Summon is a great tool for discovering the huge range of electronic resources we have here at UCS and accessing the majority of items is as simple as pressing a button and entering your UCS username and password.

However some resources particularly material from ‘open access’ databases won’t link directly to the article. Instead Summon provides a link to the journal or database that holds the article. Then you can re-run your search or navigate to the correct year, volume, etc. For example in this search for full-text journal articles which include the phrase ‘Network Security’:

Network securityThe ‘Full Text online’ link shows we should have access to these articles but Summon isn’t able to go to directly to the article so instead a link to the journal is provided:

Clicking the journal link will take us to the journal homepage and then using the search criteria above you can search the archives to find the article you’re interested in.Journal HomepageArticle

Summon and Beyond

Unfortunately not every resource we subscribe to is included in Summon so sometimes additional searches are required. You may find you’re unable to access an article we should have access to or on some resources you may see a link to: ‘Citation online’.

Creativity at a priceDon’t give up as there are other places we can search. For the example above if you click ‘Citation Online’ the following screen may provide a link to the journal:

Creativity at a price search criteriaThis link takes you directly to the journal where you can re-run your search:


Sorry, no holdings were found for this journal
If you see this message you may still be able to access the article.

At the bottom of the page is a link to our A-Z of journals. Click thislink and then enter the journal title into the search box at the top of the page to search for additional links.

ant-slavery reporterIf no results are found then unfortunately we don’t have access to this resource.

The requested document was not found

If you click a link in Summon and see this message please let us know so we can report it to our suppliers.ProQuest errorAgain please don’t give up just yet. Instead click the Get ‘additional resources related to this‘ link at the top of the page and click on one of the journal links:

Then re-enter the article title using the information from the criteria above:

Proquest search

Then access the article:

ProQuest Search resultsStill can’t find anything?

If you can’t find a journal article in Summon or the link in Summon isn’t working then try searching for the journal title using our A-Z of e-journals which you can access from MyUCS or from the Summon search page.

A-Z of journals linksFrom here you can enter the title of the journal in the search box or use the links on the right-hand side of the page to browse for journals by subject area:

A-Z of journalsOnce you’ve entered your search terms if we have access to the journal you’ll see the date range that is available and a link or links to the journal:

Journal resultsClick the link to access the journal and then re-enter your search terms or if you have a citation use this to find the relevant volume, issue and page number of the article.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

If the Library doesn’t have access to an article you need then we may be able to obtain a copy from another Library using our Interlibrary loan service.

Final tips:

Trouble accessing articles and eBooks through Summon?

Summon uses cookies in order to authenticate access to databases. Occasionally this means you may need to change the settings on your web browser to access content.

So if you see the following error message:

Summon cooker error

Following these step by step instructions should solve the problem.

if you’re still having trouble accessing articles please e-mail details of what you were trying to access (journal article, eBook) and details of any error messages that were displayed.

If possible it is also useful if you can include a screen shot of the webpage along with your e-mail.

Summon 2.0 and RefWorks

Once you’ve carried out your search in Summon add the items you’d like to export into the temporary folder by clicking the icon to right of the article or book title:

Adding to folder

Click the folder at the top of the page to see your results:

Folder results

Select ‘RefWorks’ from the ‘Export As…’ list and login to RefWorks.

Export as

Check the items imported correctly by clicking: ‘View Last Imported Folder

RefWorks folder

TIP! When exporting any book citations from Summon, you will need to edit the citation in RefWorks in order to remove the URL (web address).

TIP! It is usually easier to export book references from Summon than via the Library catalogue as there is less editing and tidying up to do.

More help and advice about RefWorks is available here: